Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Humble Blog

The internet has changed an awful lot. It means we can now read off of sterile plastic ebooks, browse the photos of our distant relations and sift through an inordinate number of videos featuring cats.  Yet, if we can manage to wade through the torrent of guileless celebrity news – a certain national daily newspaper being the main perpetrator of this cult – there is a new form of the written word.

The humble blog; neatly occupies the crevices of the online world that are free of those infernal feline films. A platform for anybody to write whatever they want, websites such as Blogspot and Wordpress are hosting food critics and revolutionaries alike.

In our context, blogging has become an important tool in the world of menswear. Utilised by the mighty pillars of the menswear industry that are the fashion houses themselves and the budding designer in his studio apartment, we can, through blogs, find an extended fashion consciousness.

It is The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole for the modern age. Take any famous figure in history who has written a diary, place them in the 21st century and they will blog – although the image of Che Guevara struggling with the “press any key” is far less romantic.

Simple to create and consume, the most popular blog services offer essentially a word processor and a “publish” button. One click and your musings are on view to the world.

It is a surprisingly simple service for a world dependent on keywords such as “high resolution”, “smart” and “responsive.” What has occurred is a reverting to the bare necessities.

If the meek are to inherit the earth, the blog will inherit the internet.

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