Thursday, 25 July 2013

Subtle Embellishments

As men we will deny it, but we do secretly like to stand out from the crowd. But all too often, such a stand out statement can make us look garish and, if too obvious, ridiculous.

Take a wedding for example. We want to gain enough attention so as to catch the eye of any eligible bachelorettes, whilst making absolutely, categorically sure that the other guests aren’t gazing at your Prince of Wales check as the bride recites her own, lovingly written, vows.

As such, balance is required. By adding little embellishments to our attire we can transcend the danger of a monotonous business suit. Belts, braces, tiepins, lapel pins – all are good go to flourishes, but in this area the pocket square reigns supreme.

Avoid like the plague the matching tie and pocket square sets that are unfortunately becoming more common. Instead, use your tie as a base – the pocket square as a general rule can be a different shade of your neckwear. A little darker is often good. Although where patterns are concerned, limit them to either tie or pocket square – not both.

With many different ways of folding a pocket square that would make an article by itself, remember that a straight fold looks timelessly sophisticated.

If at all in doubt, a white pocket square will fit with anything. Although if it is a wedding you’re attending, make sure the rest of your attire isn’t white. This is for obvious reasons.

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