Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Culinary Challenge

It’s summer and, let’s face it, during those long evenings nothing shouts masculinity more than being in control of the barbeque meat. Wielding a prong and spatula whilst our loved ones look on and enjoy the carnal feast we’ve created puts us firmly as top dog.

So, it’s important to have a recipe that’ll dazzle every time – by this it should do two things. When friends are invited over, any children find the recipe so delicious that they ask their parents why they can’t have them all the time and, secondly, establish yourself as the enviable figure of hate to all other males present. Who knew a family get together could get so intense without a board game.

The burger itself is a cheese burger, although with a special twist. To create, you will need:

·        600g ground beef.
·        About a cupful of grated cheese – mozzarella is a good choice.
·        ½ a large onion – diced.
·        3 crushed rashers of crisp, cooked bacon – either store bought or pre-prepared, is a matter of choice.
·        3 Ciabatta Rolls.
·        Salt and Pepper to taste.
·        3 slices of tomato.
·        ½ an avocado – sliced.

Firstly take your onion, grated cheese and bacon and mix together. Place to one side.

Next, using the ground beef, shape 6 thin burgers – don’t worry about uniform consistency.

Taking 3 of the burgers you’ve made, place a small amount of the cheese, onion, bacon mix in the centre of each. Once this is done, take the 3 remaining burgers and place on top, pressing down around the edges with your fingers to seal the mix.

You should now have 3 (relatively bloated) burgers. Season to taste and, taking care not to rip the burger open, transfer onto the barbeque. By gently prodding the burger in its lid with a skewer, it’ll prevent any nasty leakage whilst cooking.

Just before the burgers are done, move to the side of the grill where they can continue cooking and place the rolls (by now, halved) onto the barbeque to toast for a couple of minutes. Depending on what grill you have, you may be able to coat them slightly with the juices from the meat.

Assemble with a thick slice of avocado and some tomato on top, enjoying immediately.

A twist, on the bacon and cheese burger, this has been a success for one of the Gatsby team year on year.

What do you think? Do you in fact have your own, superior recipe? Let us know by commenting below. We’ll try them out ourselves and post them up.

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