Thursday, 1 August 2013

Not Just for Interviews

The tie today is, sadly, most commonly the garb of the interviewee. This is intentionally a sweeping statement. It may not necessarily be the case but, it’s the reputation that has been garnered. In many incidences, it is remarked as too formal – in one interview we turned up to the interviewer was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. In many offices, it is seen as simply too stuffy. As such, this post is specifically to break the idea of the tie as a formal piece – it is remarkably simple, too.

It has been in front of us for an extremely long time – no, not the keyboard tie – as a means to dress up our smart-casual work wear. The knitted tie – yes, knitted; no, not by our grandmother – has the ability to retain the intent of the wearer to be smart but, due to its texture and appearance, retain its casual ties (no pun intended).

Don’t bother with anything labelled “skinny” – it reeks of a teenager attempting to smarten up for their first job cold calling.

Instead, choose a reasonable width knitted number in navy. Pair it with a plain light blue shirt (maybe even with a subtle stripe or houndstooth) and see who takes notice – trust us, it’ll be more people than you think.

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