Thursday, 19 September 2013

Men’s Skincare and Grooming

An uncomfortable truth is that as men, we often forgo the idea of skincare. It sounds feminine, slathering our faces and bodies in creams and serums, distracting us from our daily regime of hunting and gathering.

As an exercise in changing beliefs, that we’ll admit we also hold, we paid a visit to Sunrise in Marlow, with the goal of finding out a little bit more.

We signed up for a facial and within minutes were being instructed to lie down in a cool, dimly lit room. Note, at this point, a complete lack of whale noises or any other assumptions one would usually make.

Initially, there is a struggle to let go of traditionally masculine ideas and relax – but when this happens, we’re transported to a realm of bliss that we’ve never before experienced. Staying tense stopped us from fully enjoying the treatment – yes, enjoying.

After having a selection of cleansers and exfoliators applied to our face, we were left for a treatment to sink in and reflect on our thoughts for a minute. The first of which was along the lines of “I cannot believe how good this is.”

Whilst the therapist worked at our skin (a significant task itself), we quizzed her on how we could make some changes to our routine that could help us on our way to achieving that baby faced, youthful shine that we all so crave. Interestingly, there were a lot.

For a long time we’d lather a generous gob of shaving gel across our chin and begin the irritable process of having a shave. What we never realised was that a little shaving oil applied to our bonce before the foamy mess would help soften and raise our whiskers, allowing for a closer shave and adecreased risk of ingrown hairs.

As it transpires, too, a few changes to our grooming method can have dramatic results and yet take now longer than usual.For example, we are aware that an exfoliator will help remove skin blemishes, but we didn’t realise that it should be applied to dry skin for greatest effect. We use it as part of the morning shower, so now exfoliate whilst we wait for the water to warm up.

Moisturiser used to a bridge too far, but aside from helping our skin feel good, it has the added benefit of a soothing sensation for any shaving mishaps. Using it morning and night changed our skin’s appearance in a very short space of time, so as far as this blog post goes, we are well behind the enlightened approach to skincare.

Whilst the majority of the men who frequent Sunrise have w lady in their life that firmly advocates the benefits of a treatment, the number of men using them is increasing. It doesn’t even have to focus on skincare – apparently some of the most popular men’s treatments are the massages.

We could lecture you more and list the multiple benefits that come from one of these appointments, but we won’t. It is something that needs to be tried not scorned, so we’re throwing down the gauntlet. If, having tried it for yourself, you deemed it unnecessary and strange, we’ll have your animal pelt and club waiting for you on your way out.

We’d like to mention Sharon and Sunrise Marlow for the treatment that they provided and all of the advice they gave us whilst we were there. Thank you, very much.

Sunrise Health and Beauty Marlow
Telephone: 01628 487719

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