Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Debate – Round 5: Single vs. Double Cuff

A little while back, when we went to visits the chaps at Eton, we noticed that their single cuffed shirts had more than meets the eye. Whilst accommodating for the regular button up method, there was also a second hole for cufflinks. We wondered: is there any need for the double cuff?

It’s a valid point; the double cuffed shirt can look a tad stuffy in a fair few situations. Fair, too, to point out that the young buck in the office looks silly wearing cufflinks when his boss doesn't
Add to that, that single cuffed shirts have become increasingly more formal, with our revelation at Eton’s innovation, we’re struggling for a reason to include the French in our wardrobe.

So why, if there are so many reasons not to, should we put on a double cuff? Well, it’s down to the prestige. The boss who doesn’t wear the double cuff could elect to do so – he’s proven how good he is, whilst his young protégé hasn’t earned his stripes yet.

It can be argued, too, that whilst single cuffs are getting more formal, it’s only up to a point. There is still an air of Just William about them – where they can be rolled up at a moment’s notice to engage in playground horseplay (or to easier facilitate an after work beverage).

As far as office status symbols go, the double cuff is one of them. It’s subtler than having our name on the desk and a Newton’s Cradle is a bit of a cliché. We could mention cufflinks at this point, but that’ll spawn a debate of its own, so on to the closing arguments.

The formal event. That one where we don a tuxedo and make sure our shoes are reflective enough to be used as a mirror. The double cuff has cornered the market when it comes too formal. Anything less becomes sub-par next to a well ironed double. It suggests that we've really made the effort and embrace formality down to the details.

So, depending on situation, maybe there is a better choice. As always, we aren’t the defining voice on all things sartorial, so let us know. Would you rather buttons, or do you double up? What do you think of the hybrid Eton has created: innovation or can it stand up next to the tried and tested double cuff?

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  1. i prefer double over single. and thank eton for providing the option to remove buttons from single cuff to elect cufflinks.


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