Friday, 11 October 2013

Swag is for Boys / Style is for Gentlemen. Part 1 "Don’t Wear That"

At this transitional point in the year, it’s often a good moment to take stock. By this, we mean examining what lurks in the bowels of our wardrobes. Whilst providing tips about how to transition between seasons is something we’ll reserve for another post, we want to ask a question about the garments themselves. For this post, we apply the “what was I thinking?” question.

One of the Gatsby team said recently that although they really appreciated a leather jacket they just couldn't pull it off. In terms of what they looked good in, it was just a step too far. This got us thinking: we’re pretty sure most people we know all have a photo of themselves tucked away where they’re dressed in some kind of monstrosity.

Recently, we've noticed that camouflage is being touted by shops all over the high street. In our humble opinion this is something that, although a great statement at the time, will inevitably be destined to return to the army surplus stores where they originated. Now, we’re out of pocket, looking stupid and worse still, our camouflage jacket is the   wrong shade to even go paint-balling in.

This is not to say that when trends do come along that we shouldn't embrace them. Yes, items that have a limited shelf-life often display our more creative streak, but we argue it should be done in moderation. Instead of going all out and donning the camouflaged utility trousers, opt for a subtle print on a pair of canvas boots, or perhaps a motif on a t-shirt.

Creating a personal style requires a focus on what you look good wearing. Yes, the Rolling Stones can fit into a pair of spray-on jeans from the children’s section of Gap. But realistically, do they look good?

Back to the wardrobe: take the time to examine what you have and decide whether it’s fashion, or if it contributes to your own personal style. We did this to our own wardrobe and found that out of seven items we considered to be currently fashionable, six would no longer be trendy in a couple of seasons time. The one that made the cut – a shearling lined denim jacket.

By carefully curating a wardrobe furnished only with garb that you know you look great in, your personal style can increase enormously. A man can make much more of a sartorial statement dressed in even the most conservative of attire as opposed to a fleeting trend that the fashion Gods have decreed blessed.

There is always the danger to jump on current trends – everybody likes to be the fashion forward one. But take a step back to avoid looking like you’re going to invade a country after going to the pub.

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