Friday, 15 November 2013


If you are not sure about your glove size, measure the hand you normally write with at its widest point in inches (excluding the thumb), then round down to the nearest half or whole number - this will be your glove size.

Glove sizes come in half and whole numbers, between 7½ and 11 for men and 6 and 8½ for women.  

For example if your hand measures 8½ inches around its widest point (excluding the thumb), your glove size is 8½ (Note: one inch = 25.4mm).

Where gloves are sized S,M,L,and XL, the following guide will apply  (measurements refer to your glove size, as calculated above, not to English inches):

For Men:-
Small 7½ - 8
Medium 8½ - 9
Large 9½ 
Extra Large 10 - 10½

English Tan wool lining £55

Black Sheepskin silk lining £55 

Brown Sheepskin silk lining £55

Black Hair Sheep cashmere lining £59

Brown Hair Sheep cashmere lining £59

James Bond Black £65

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