Thursday, 12 December 2013

Believe it... beautiful belts made in Britain.

MERYN made in Britain. 

Many years ago, while walking in the Cheviot hills of Northumberland, the founder of Meryn was told a story by her wise Grandpa who sought to explain why walking boots were so ugly; gnarled brown leather, quite unlike any of the other shoes she owned. Grandpa told the story of ‘Vasa’.

Vasa was the elaborate vanity project of a 17th Century Swedish King. Valuing gun-decks and haste over workmanship and hydrodynamics, the warship was doomed before she even launched. Only one mile into her maiden voyage, just outside modern-day Stockholm, she listed and sank. Vasa was salvaged almost intact in 1961, after over 333 years under water.
What captured the young girl’s imagination most of all that day was hearing that among the artefacts recovered from Vasa, some of the best preserved were leather shoes and gloves
. What kind of material could survive over three hundred years on the bottom of the Balitc Sea and emerge looking much as it had the day it was made? Of all the parts of this glorious and elaborate vessel, what really stood the test of time and tide were the hand-made, day-to-day leather items.

After several years of working with leather, the founder- Beth Sparrow, launched Meryn as a business in 2012.  Having always supported the ethos of ‘Made in England’, Meryn now work with a collection of small producers and manufacturers across the country, who hand-craft each Meryn product using only the very best quality Italian leathers and solid brass fittings.

We bring together British design and manufacture with quality materials in order to make products that will develop character and grow in beauty as they age. Most importantly though, we try to capture the ethos of those Vasa artefacts; craftsmanship before fashion.

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