Thursday, 30 January 2014

Gatsby's Q and A "What is the ticket pocket for ?".

Q. What is the second, smaller pocket on the right side of my jackets and coats called and what is it for?

A. That, sir, is a ticket pocket. As the name suggests it previously served a purpose. It’s a very British look and it’s hardly a fad, being a remnant from the bespoke past, harking back to the days when we travelled by rail and smoked Churchills in the club car.
You can use this pocket for many things a Oyster Card, golf pencils, tea bags, etc... And it’s a lot better than walking around in lumpy cargo pants.

However..we wouldn't recommend unpicking any pockets on your jacket or coat if you want to keep that sharp close-fitting Savile Row silhouette.

It can also have the effect of making one look trimmer around the waist, especially if, like Richard James, it is at a 22% slant. So, if you’re looking to appear slimmer without the gruelling hours at the gym, look into a suit jacket or coat with one of these.

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