Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wardrobe Resolutions

As much a part as the post-Christmas lunch nap or New Year’s Eve festivities, the New Year’s resolution is a cornerstone of winter tradition. It turns out, too, that we’re really bad at keeping them. Surveys suggest that 26 per cent of men give up their plan to diet after just one day. So instead of vowing to make a change that’s unrealistic, instead choose one that is much easier to facilitate. Make the move from fashion to style.

During this transition, it’s a good time to go through the wardrobe and get rid of all those “what was I thinking” items. We’d be willing to bet that every one of them is based on fashion, not matter how fleeting it was. On a personal note, we've let go of some sports trainers that, despite us thinking they look great, we know that we’ll regret one day in the future.
With this in mind the remaining items should help to build a timeless look, a way of dressing that will never stop looking good. As different fashions fall in and out of favour, style maintains consistent over the seasons. A prime example of this is what can be termed, Italian style.

Italian style, rather than a particular fashion, has become synonymous with looking elegant yet masculine, two qualities that are never considered unappealing. The focus is upon quality items with a rich heritage, coupled with what can only be called precision tailoring. Cue an abundance of casual blazers, well cut trousers and quality leather shoes
Big on style, yet quiet on fashion: that’s the Gatsby ethos. In terms of creating effortless chic that will remain long after the fishtail parka/ suit combination or going sock-less look has died, it is rather apt. Embracing a particular, well-crafted style will mean that rather than spending many fevered excursions in shops to remain on trend and current, your collection can grow and mature.

When it comes to dictating just what is stylish, the lines become a bit more blurred. In a general sense, err towards the more monochromatic end of the spectrum and think of pieces that will complement the man, regardless of his age. Naturally, the blazer immediately springs to mind, a classic and almost infinitely versatile piece. So, too, does a well ironed white T-shirt.

Stylish items go a long way to creating a capsule wardrobe: worn from season to season, it will always look good. A lot of time and effort has been devoted by menswear bloggers in the quest to determine what exactly is included in the perfect capsule wardrobe and the debate continues. In all honesty, it doesn't particularly matter so long as it is well fitting and of good quality.

Style really isn’t hard to achieve, it’s more to do with a lack of concern about current trends than any kind of sixth sense (although many would hotly contend that). That said, if it is a New Year’s resolution to become more stylish, it won’t hurt if you break it and follow fashion once in a while.

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