Thursday, 10 April 2014

Aged 33, I feel I'm at a style juncture help..

“I recently married and have expanded to a 40-inch waist and a 17.5-inch collar, so my wardrobe of branded T-shirts, fashion denim and, slim-fitting shirts has taken a bit of a pounding (even though I'm over 6ft and can carry some of the weight). However, twice-weekly squash matches, swapping Guinness for vodka, soda and lime and eating less fast food is starting to pay off and I figure by summer's end I will be back to something resembling my correct weight. But, aged 33, I feel I'm at a style juncture: some of my clothes feel too young for me but at the same time I'm trying to avoid evolving into the suit upstairs look. I feel I'm dressing like a 25-year-old, but the alternative isn't appealing - I'm not really for cords and an air of defeat.”
John, via e-mail


"As I have said elsewhere, for some bizarre reason I tend to receive a whole bunch of e-mails and had long conversations with many wives on the same topic at the same time. And right now it seems that there are a lot of men out there worried about dressing age-appropriately - most of them for absolutely no reason But John's e-mail was so detailed and so eloquently expressed, that I felt I had to answer it.
I particularly liked the fact
he tells me that, while he has been known to splash out on good quality suiting #cough #cough Richard James, he prefers spending his money on keeping his wine rack full and his new wife in Marc Jacobs. From that comment alone, my wife Sophie thinks he sounds perfect as he is and shouldn't worry about how he dresses. And to be honest, I don't think anyone reading the above is going to be muttering mutton behind John's back, as long as we don’t catch him in a Jack Wills hoodie.

Still, its nearly summer and the prospect of having to bare flesh makes men worry about their age, and as such John is on the right track by concentrating on getting himself back in shape. There is no point spending money on a new wardrobe if you look like he’s got a loyalty card at the new "Dominos" on West Street. Harsh but fair: looking good is all about confidence and I'm afraid that comes from the inside out and if he’s asking the question then he’s not happy.

But beyond that, I hardly think 33 is the gateway to decrepitude however it would help if John would give up his Versace for Sunspel leisurewear. I think the reason most men start worrying about dressing too young for their age is that they try to look different every day. Big mistake. The solution for successful dressing for the office is to seize on one look and wear it religiously. In other words, adopt a uniform. Short of sporting a suit every day (FYI - there’s nothing wrong with that), one of the easiest uniform to adopt is the white shirt, navy jacket and trousers/jeans, twinned with some decent shoes. Make sure everything is the best quality possible and this look is ageless rather than ageing.

One last thing. On the denim front always go for the plainest design possible; believe me, there is nothing more ageing than a fussy jean. Apart from a fussy jean with a 40-inch waist, that is. So I am willing to bet that once John feels happier in himself shape-wise, any worries of having an air of defeat will evaporate.”

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