Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to embellish your suit with a pocket square.

"I am thrilled that the three-piece suit is firmly back in fashion and to celebrate I ran straight to my wardrobe to embellish mine with a pocket square. But now I haven't a clue how best to arrange it. Any advice? Nick Clarke"
Nick Clarke, by e-mail


Gatsby says...

We would like to point out
that the three-piece suit has always been in style, Nick: I wouldn't worry too much about
“fashion”. Remember
last year’s article?                 

Now...back to business: A pocket square should
complement your tie or shirt, although never directly match it. Bottle green or purple looks good with a navy suit. If you match your colour in your shirt or jacket, it should be a minor colour (such as the stripe). If in doubt, stick with a simple white one. But I say throw caution to the wind and go for a big bold pattern.

It used to be said that a pocket square should only show less than an inch and a half above the pocket, but this is a matter of taste. Remember if you choose a smooth silk it will be slippier than cotton or linen, so it will tend to slide back down. But, there is a simple solution. Check out the easy to follow video to ensure you look your best.

But whatever you choose and however you wear it, remember the old Irish adage: "Always carry a pocket square to show, and a handkerchief to blow".

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