Thursday, 8 May 2014

"What to wear"

"What to wear" was really the only thing on my mind..

However, I should have checked out the event line up.

With over twenty obstacles this could be a very long post.
Below is just a small taste of the day's adventure.

The most hellish hurdles you’ll ever overcomee.
Teamwork is key for this obstacle. Climb a set of 9-foot wooden walls that our Course Designers have strategically placed for when you’re at your weakest point during the event. Some Mudders℠ will be strong enough to make it over Hero Walls alone, but most will need a boost from a fellow Mudder, whether it’s a teammate or someone else. There’s never been a better time to make friends with a stranger.

There’s only one way out.

If you don’t like small spaces, you’re really gonna have to suck it up for this obstacle. Crawl through a series of pipes that force you downhill through muddy water, then up a slippery climb to the other side. Don’t lose your sh*t. There really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Prove you’ve got balls.

Obviously we’re talking about your intense grit here. Balls to the Wall is no elementary school gym class rope climb – but it has the potential to be just as embarrassing. This monster of an obstacle will have you scaling a wall three and a half meters in the air using only a muddy rope and what’s left of your strength. Once you reach the top, work up the courage to descend the rope on the other side.

Get ready for some wood.

Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about actual logs here. Make like a lumberjack and carry a heavy wood log through a section of the Tough Mudder course. The length of the carry will be determined by the difficulty of the course terrain and the weight of the logs.

We’re going to make you earn that beer.

Run through a field of live wires that sure as hell don’t tickle. Watch out for hay bales and deep sinkholes, or you will face-plant into some electrifying mud. Some Mudders℠ try to stealthily wind their way through the wires, while others barrel forward to get through as quickly as possible. Just keep your eye on the prize: this is the last obstacle you face before you cross the finish line.

After 4.5 hours....
The Gatsby Team finished battered and bruised but very happy..
Apart from the fact that I seemed to have shrunk by about 4" in height.?

Anyone up for joining the team next year??

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