Thursday, 24 July 2014

Pork Pie Hats, Toxic Plastic & Jenson Button Loves Shell Suits.

We love our veg boxes from @Riverford #Organic and not packaged in toxic plastic wrapping #health #natural #shoplocal

"I was a little sceptical; my own instinct based on 26 years of growing and eating organic food
is that it makes a huge difference. Broadly speaking, the slow steady soil-based growth typical of organic crops produces enhanced flavour, texture and, I would bet my house, more nutrition. So strong is my conviction (common sense or prejudice?) that I would say if science fails to reveal this, it is the science at fault and not my vegetables...." READ MORE

What's on the Gatsby Menswear playlist this week ?.

Click the link below to listen to Monk's Dream - 
Take 3 by Thelonious Monk on Spotify:
We at Gatsby are loving the Pork Pie Hat..

New Gatsby Menswear business cards in today. What do you think? Pop into the store this week and leave your own business card and you could win a free #etonofsweden #menswear #sharp

"Jenson Button has had quite the week. After clashing with former team-mate Lewis Hamilton in last weekend's German Grand Prix - their cars coming together on the Hockenheimring on Sunday in a clash that changed the race"... READ MORE

Jenson also talks to GQ about pumps and shell-suits.

Just in case you hadn't noticed ...
#ss14 #sale #menswear #richardjames #sunspelclothing #etonofsweden

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