Thursday, 4 September 2014

5 Bond Styles : It Starts with the Dinner Suit

 1# It Starts with the Dinner Suit.

When we think of James Bond, we think of the Dinner Suit. Over nearly four decades, more than five Bonds have worn formal wear with the ease of a t-shirt, each adding their own edition of the classic. Time has passed: Cuff links, cummerbunds, and studs have been added and removed, and it's Bond's tailored looks that still stand out. But the Dinner Suit is just
the beginning of that. In more than 20 movies, we'd venture the iconic character has gone through more costume changes that any other film star. From that, there's much to learn. But let's start with four iconic looks, all from different Bonds (and eras), that you should add to your wardrobe now — as soon as you master the Dinner Suit, of course.

 2# Sean Connery: The Daytime Suit
The man who defined the role also had a particularly strong era with which to wear suits: From 1962 through 1971, Connery proved over and over that a suit should be worn everyday of a man's life. No matter the weather, look for something that's slightly textured (like this charcoal masterpiece), then ground it with a dark knit tie and crisp white shirt (don't forget the a pocket square). Really after Pussy Galore? Few things impress more than pulling off a three-piece.

 3# Timothy Dalton: Lose the Tie

If a man is channelling James Bond, he's likely already in tailored clothing daily. But that doesn't mean a tie is always necessary — even for someone who's technically employed by the government. Dalton's Bond may have been the most serious — and his lapels the widest. Note that if you carry a gun, people will undoubtedly still take you seriously, even in this more casual spin on suit dressing. Keep this idea for the next wedding.

4# Pierce Brosnan: Coat's the Thing

A suit will not keep you warm in all 12 months — especially if you find yourself on an Arctic plain anytime soon. During Brosnan's time as the secret agent, he killed it in the outerwear department. Look for one that's dark and plush, try a classic British Crombie, then wear it with rich colours.

5# Daniel Craig: No Suit Necessary

Sure, Craig often wears a suit as 007. But these are modern times. And like other Bond's before him, the actor has successfully proven that you can wear sportswear and still look sharp. Not only is this look another argument for why all men should a sharp pair of jeans & a well made polo, it's also a testament to the power of fit: Keep things trim, and lines clean, and you'll look like you don't need a suit.



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