Tuesday, 23 September 2014

5 Easy Stylish Tips

  • 1 You Have Gatsby Menswear Tailoring Service On Speed Dial
Unless you’re incredibly lucky or sample size (though the two tend not to be mutually exclusive), the majority of pieces you buy off the peg will need tailoring. Pretending that they fit without because of lack of time and wearing them anyway will make you look
slovenly and careless. Instead, try to plan in advance & have your suit fitting at least a week & a half before the event. Gatsby Menswear has an amazing tailor but there are so many hours in the day. That way you will always look sharp. 

  • 2 You Understand The Importance Of A Silhouette
No matter how much you spend or how beautiful the fabrics, if your clothes are cut badly, they will look terrible. Your jacket should be nipped in at the waist, your trousers gently tapered at the hem and your collar a finger width away from the nape of your neck.

  • 3 Your Shoes Are The Most Expensive Thing In Your Wardrobe
What’s the first thing you look at when you meet someone for the first time? That’s right, their shoes. If an employee turned up to a meeting wearing a pair of scuffed up trainers with a passable suit you’d probably sack them on the spot. If, on the other hand, they were wearing a pair of immaculately polished monk straps with some slightly dodgy chinos and a T-shirt, you’d most likely give them the benefit of the doubt. A pair of beautifully made, expensive looking shoes will cover a multitude of sins (Crockett & Jones is a good place to start).

  • 4  You Get Your Hair Styled Every 6 Weeks
Even if it’s only for a day or two, that fluffy-around-the-edges ‘Boris Johnson on a bad hair day’ look will negate all the good hair days you’ve had beforehand. Block book your haircuts with a hair dresser who you trust, well in advance. Every six weeks or so should do the trick. Those of you pointing your finger at the screen laughing at the idea of a folicly challenged shopkeeper telling you to get your hair cut will be forgiven: however I have recently discovered a barber trained in the art of beard trimming.. so except more hair styling advice in future blogs.  

  • 5 You Must Try To Enjoy It

If you don’t much care for clothes and you dislike choosing your outfits in the morning, the likelihood is to be truly stylish you need to keep it simple. Just remember you are in your work apparel for at least 10 hours per day. The key to dressing well and looking good is all about the pleasure you take in the process, and unless you relish every moment, you might need to give Gatsby Menswear a call. 01628 486999

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