Tuesday, 18 November 2014

It’s Just Good Old Fashion Service.

We're all busy. We have things to do. And when we've done our things, we might not always have time to visit our local menswear retailer Do we want to try and work out what looks good on us? Of course not. That's part of the reason that you're reading this email. So that you can be shown what works for you. It takes the pressure off and saves time. Assuming that you trust our judgement.

We have all heard of the sea of menswear websites out there.
They are well curated and tend to stock labels and items you may like. But there's still an onus on you to sift through and seek out those garments. As a lazy man, I find that tedious. Imagine our delight when we thought of the idea which offers a personal shopping service where all you have to do is have a quick chat with James and we will send you fab outfits to try on at home. In a trunk!

So you simply confirm some sizing details ensuring you haven’t changed too much since your last visit. We may ask you to describe your style this season what you do for a living maybe even your favourite style icon. A few more details about the pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

On your chosen date & time your trunk from Gatsby Menswear will arrive. Neatly packed into it will be a range of tops, shirts, jeans, suits and jackets.
Allow me to be frank – You will be flabbergasted by the accuracy of the selection. The idea is that you put all the items you don't want back into the trunk and that then gets collected. You may not want to send anything back. Everything in there will be so "you"!

I'm aware that this might come across like one of those appalling advertorials that you are sometimes duped into reading, but I genuinely can't think of anything negative to say. You don't even pay a premium for this it’s just good old fashion service.

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