Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The New Style Rules for the New Year ...#1

With only 6 weeks to go we think its important to share some observations, exhortations, and hard-won insights into how to dress next year.

1: That hat doesn't look as good as he thinks it does.

2: Chambray shirts are the Bruce Springsteen of men's wear: authentically working-class yet looking a bit more polished and respectable lately.
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3: Yes, you still should not wear a cummerbund.

4: Small men don't wear big coats.

5: Big men shouldn't wear small coats.

6: V-neck collars should not dip below the top of your belly button.

7: Re: this article of clothing: It is a full buttoned knit first, a knitwear second, a cardie never.
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8: A well-tended beard is not any more kempt or unkempt than a clean-shaven face. It is a matter of comfort and ease.
9: A pair of jeans, like a good pair of shoes, gets only better with age.
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10: The floral-print shirt is, metaphorically speaking, the weightiest item of clothing a man can wear. The bolder the flower, the stronger the man.

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11: Men who wear ties to the office even though they don't have to are three times as likely to run the office someday as those who don't.

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