Thursday, 11 December 2014

Try Less Fashion And More Style For Christmas.

RULE #2 
Never wear a logoed or branded top to a Christmas party, unless you are turning up to a fancy dress part as Justin Bieber.

Saying that after last weeks post on Christmas outfits we did some digging....
There is a few threads about appropriate Christmas party outfits on the forums recently, and the consensus in these instance's is that simplicity is the way forward.

Not every Christmas party is a formal affair; turn up at The Coach(amazing food BTW) in your suit and you might look like a dad that has gone straight to a children’s party from work.

Note these cool looks and pointers in how to wear a suit to a Christmas party. So..there's nothing wrong in wearing a suit just read last weeks post you have been warned.


A pair of great jeans (made in Wales if possible), a tailored shirt and a good piece of knitwear is a winning combination whenever you wear it and where-ever you go. If you want to make it that little bit more interesting, try finding a shirt with some added details, a cut-away or button down collar, or with a very light pattern such as the Eton one shown below.


The best thing about this look is how versatile it is. Each part is interchangeable, so pop in and find the right combination for you and feel confident in the knowledge that you look good. 

Try a silk scarf to the outfit: adding not only a stylish edge but also keeping you warm as you hop from venue to venue in this recent cold snap.


Not every party is the same and not everyone will appreciate or understand your best attempts at fashion forward dressing.
Try less fashion and more style this year.

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