Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Should I Be Wearing Skinny-Fit Jeans?

"I'm 40 - should I be wearing skinny-fit jeans?
Also I like my Clarks Originals shoes: Wallabees/Desert Treks and so on.
Are these classics still suitable to be worn by the more mature man?

Yours unclear
High Wycombe"

This week I have been wearing a pair of raw denim Hiut Denim Jeans which are their *SlimR fit, (that’s correct without the e*) an authentic five pocket jean made from raw selvedge 14.5 oz denim woven on a 1959 shuttle loom from Kuroki the iconic Japanese mill.

They are slim enough that if I try to cross my legs the top one just slips off the leg opening is 16.5cm. And they look fantastic (if I say so myself). So don't stop wearing slim-fit jeans, especially as you get older - it is better to look more tailored. 

As for Wallabees, I am not a big fan - a bit too geography teacher. I'd go for desert boots, especially as Crockett & Jones are doing them in great colours right now..

Just remember try not to leave the house looking like a Russell Brand or Russell and Bromley.

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