Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Best Bag To Carry While Wearing A Suit?

"In your opinion what would be the best bag to carry while wearing a suit? I don't really want to carry a briefcase so what other styles of satchel or bag that would be good? Oliver, via email
Oliver, via email

If I had to pick the one greatest change in the way men dress in the past few years I would have to say the manbag. It is quite incredible how an entire industry has been created in little more than a decade. 

 Now they have become an essential part of masculine kit, and a man can carry with confidence anything from a sports bag to a tote. My only rule of thumb (and this is purely personal) is that a manbag looks best when it has a retro quality.

I have seen some truly beautiful serious briefcases in my time - especially those in croc - but like Oliver I don't really want to carry them (though I have to say if someone forked out £11,425 for me to have a Tumi black alligator number I would definitely be carrying it around). I am quite keen on the old-school canvas-style satchel briefcases such as the fire hose & printing blanket one by Elvis & Kresse available to order today.

I do also have an old Mulberry football leather bag for when I want something at the Gym, and while I have paired it with a suit, I think this style is better worn casually. I also like the idea of a retro-style satchel for  that will make you feel like Just William - so maybe not the best look if Oliver is trying to power dress.

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