Thursday, 19 March 2015

How to Coordinate a Shirt & Tie.

"Dear Gatsby,
I'm a 42 year old I.T. consultant from Reading but i fear i may look older than my Father.!!!
I'm really in need of updating my wardrobe with some colour but I've no idea about coordinating my shirt & ties.

Clueless Peter from Reading."

Many men have difficulty coordinating a shirt & tie.
Needless to say, there are some fundamental and practical rules on mixing colours and patterns.
Once you have grasped these, you will never again find yourself standing helplessly in front of the wardrobe.

Patterned with plain and tiny patterns with large patterns. It all looks so perfect in the shop window of your local independent men’s outfitters.
But what happens if you buy these items and find, when you get home, that nothing else in your wardrobe goes with it. There are three basic principles to remember in this respect.


How to Coordinate a Shirt & Tie.

If like Peter you have selected a shirt with a large pattern – either of stripes, at least an inch apart, or better still, a large check, e.g. dark blue on white or pale blue. According to rule 1, it should be teamed up with a plain tie, which will not fight with the shirts pattern but almost ignores it.
As for rule 2... You have to work a little bit harder to team up small & large patterns, I find it a lot easier to contrast spots with strips or checks with a paisley. Whatever combination you chose the size contrast is key.

And the colour ? Entirely a matter of individual taste. As long as you follow rule 3, a blue checked/ striped shirt can work really well (harmonise) with a similar blue plain tie but can also be perfectly complemented by a vivid (contrast) pink tie or even bright yellow.

The ideal colour combination lies either in the contrast or harmony camp. The important factor here is getting the right mix. Contrasting colours will add a spark but sometimes if taken too far you can end up being mistaken for Coco the Clown. Try to choose the correct event to experiment with strong outfit.

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