Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Matching Timepiece and Footwear.

"I often read your advice and find it very useful. I wanted to ask your feelings on if a watch strap, leather belt and shoes should be matched when wearing an outfit. For example, should a black watch strap only be worn with a black belt and black leather shoes?"
Matt Beven


You would be surprised how often I am asked this ­- it is a real sign that many modern men now own more than one watch. And quite right, too.
Women have handbag obsessions, we have watch lust. Nevertheless I think that worrying about matching timepiece and footwear is taking it a bit far. (Though naturally the belt should match the shoes. You knew that, right?) 
However, it has been suggested to me - by a friend on Savile Row - that if you have a gold watch you should wear gold cufflinks, and silver with steel. This led to a discussion about whether one should only wear gold watches if sporting a signet or wedding ring (both on the left hand) but we agreed that as a ring is symbolic it doesn't count. Phew. 
FYI my wedding ring is silver so..... Silver or gold watches can be sent as Christmas presents this year.

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