Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Debate - Round 9 Pants vs. No Pants

I recently spent the weekend at a Country Manor with a friend of a friend. He tends to retire early so he appears to say good night in his slippers and pyjamas. I am not sure how this came up in conversation but apparently he wears underpants under his pyjama bottoms. Is this normal (he is only in his thirties)? And is there any way to wear pyjamas that don’t make you look like an old man?

Keith, via e-mail

We have looked into this question a little too deeply and possibly taken sourcing the answers a little too seriously. However you can be rested assured that most chaps would tell you that it is absolutely abnormal to wear your pants under your pyjamas. In fact, they would go as far as to say that it is positively unhygienic and makes them feel a little sick. "What on earth is he thinking? Doesn't he want some air to circulate down below? Or perhaps it is a strange form of self-inflicted chastity belt?"

It’s a great word isn’t it………….pyjama not pants the worldwide use of it (the word and the garment) is the result of British presence in India in the 18th and 19th centuries, and British influence on the wider Western world during the Victorian era. Pyjamas had been introduced to England as "lounging attire" as early as the 17th century, then known as mogul's breeches (Beaumont and Fletcher) but they soon fell out of fashion again. The word pyjama (as pai jamahs, Paee-jams and variants) is recorded in English use in the first half of the 19th century, but they only become a fashion in Britain and the Western world as a sleeping attire for men in the Victorian period, from about 1870.

The traditional pyjama bottom might still be worn when the occasion demands, but in practice is more likely to be seen drawn up tight in an old sit-com than in today's bedroom. Today the most popular bedtime combo is undoubtedly boxers and a T-shirt, but there are times when you want something a little more substantial. 

Now that the season is changing try Sunspel's thermals they are crafted from soft, lightweight fabrics and designed for incomparable comfort in all conditions. They are available in a luxurious silk wool fabric as well as a contemporary ribbed performance fabric. Believe me, there is nothing old man about these babies. 

If you feel the need to wear a pair of P.J. bottoms it goes without saying that you should always opt for a drawstring rather than an elasticated waistband. Regarding the pant or no pants issue I think you you have decide if support is more important to you  and to be honest no is going to know unless you tell them...... maybe it's time to take sartorial advice from Michael McIntyre who said, "I'd rather have extra pants than no pants."

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