Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Be prepared..

When it comes to keeping a high standard of sartorial elegance, preparation is the key to success.  (Those Scouts are onto something.)

Your daily smart choice in no time at all. There’s nothing more empowering than putting on a great looking outfit, it can make you feel six inches taller and infinitely more refined..  But with little time to spare in the morning the concept of marrying the perfect combination of shirt, tie, pocket square and shoes together may go out the window. Luckily, planning and preparing your work-wear ahead of time will ensure you make the best use of your wardrobe.

I suggest you try this easy ritual the night before you shoot off to work. Just as your Horlicks is cooling and your hot water bottle is warming your bed put aside 5 minutes to prepare your outfit for the next day. This may sound a little excessive but trust me you will be thankful. The next morning the alternative could be you frantically rummaging under the bed for your second sock with a piece of toast in one hand and creased shirt in the other.

Try this simple procedure of assembling your outfit.
Firstly - choose your Suit/ Jacket.
To do so forecast you daily actives tomorrow –

Commuting/ Sitting at the desk / Saving the world from Blofeld?.
Lay it out on your dresser with enough light to ensure you can give it the once over for any marks or blemishes. There’s nothing worse than getting to work only to realise that your suit is still wearing last Friday nights Paddington Burger King Feast on the last train home.

Second choose your corresponding shirt.
Something you haven’t worn within the past five days if possible. Lay some options on top of your suit. Take into consideration what are you planning to do after work – Cocktail bar/ Dad taxi / Tango Lessons? What if you are planning to take you jacket off. Same rules apply as above just ensure you are happy with the tone and pattern. 

Third choose your tie.
A flattering contradistinction is always something I am hunting for. This is where the art of theatrics comes into play. Don’t be afraid to use iconic references as inspiration (everyone looks cool in a black suit, white shirt and thin black tie thanks to Tarantino) just be aware its dressing up not fancy dress.

Fourth choose your pocket square.
When people think of pocket squares, they imagine either the cool white cotton with razor sharp edges from Mad Men or the ever so slightly dandy David Dickinson. I like to think you are sitting in the middle projecting a clean profile with the possibility of creative activity. Of course the big advantage is you are choosing from your own wardrobe and you have already created your silhouette. When it comes to choosing a pocket square I like to amalgamate with opposition; try using opposing colours such as Red tie Green Pocket square. Lay them down with the rest of your outfit. If this is done deliberately the results can be brilliant.

Finally choose your shoes.
My first rule is – If you are not wearing a tie – You can (if you want) wear simple dark brown shoes, if you are wearing a tie however black shoes or boots only.  Simple.
Other things to bear in mind – The British weather (Dainite sole if it’s looking damp) and are you going to dance later? Maybe something you can emulate Ryan Goslings new moves in.?

So there you have it….. The best way to ensure you are looking your best every day. Try it a few times you will be amazed with how much extra stress free time you have in the morning and better you feel in your new found daily sharpness.

click on the link below to let me know how it works for you.


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